Don’t allow centre to touch women gold : KCR

Hyderabad : In what is called a sensational remarks of sorts, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said he would launch another movement against the Centre if it attempted to seize or touch the gold from women in the wake of measures against black money post-demonetisation.

Giving his reply in the Legislative Council after a debate on the demonetisation impact, the Chief Minister said the Centre should seize black money in the form of gold biscuits and others. He said the Centre should take stringent measures against foreign currency, benami assets, gold and other assets as part of seizure of black money and steps to punish the corrupts. However, KCR said, he would not keep quiet if the Centre attempts to take away gold or ornaments from women. If the Centre tries to snatch gold from our women in the State, another movement will be launched, he warned.

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