K.E. is better than Babu? 


K.E. is better than Babu?

When congress party was in power supporters of Telugudesam party particularly RDO’s and DRO’s belonging to one caste were harassed and they were  appointed in unimportant posts. The officials suffered a lot. When TDP came into power minister K.E. Krishanamurty got complete information of that department  andknew the difficulties faced by officials those worked in the congress tenure. He corrected all the mistakes done by that government. Considering the local MLAs, Ministers, incharge ministers recommendations minister KE Krishnamurthy given postings those who are loyal and simpathysers to Chandrababunaidu-- without any feeling of caste and religion. They got important postings at important places those suffered since 10 years. Even then the minister did a good thing, some persons against KE Krishnamurthy  made campaign  that Rs. 20,50,70 lacs turned from hand to hand in case of transfers. Minister KE reacted on this. He said in off the record – if enquiry made in facts will come out. At one juncture  he made a challenge also. If anybody proves if there are supporters of Jagan or those who worked in key posts at the time of congress  in my transfers  I will resign minister post.

The department  head is having all the details of persons transferred with someone recommendations.  Minister KE Krishnamurthy given all the information regarding transfers to the Chief minister also. Perhaps there may be small mistakes occurred in one or two issues. But don’t put them into focus. Taking that as an opportunity some fellows told chiefminister against me. ... Mr. KE Krishnamurthy quipped. He also  if facts come out those persons also will come out. It will happen soon...he said.

      This is one episode. But the story continues not with KE Krishnamurthy. Recently Chief minister chandrababunaidu  he himself made some RDO’s transfers and postings.  Some ministers and mlas are unrest with that postings. They said that they will  meet CM Chandrababunaidu and ask on which basis the transfers and postings are made. Most of the officials accepted  by CM Chandrababunaidu are sympothysers and hard core fans to Jagan. It is heard ...  some officials made crores of rupees adopting illegal methods when congress was in power. Some persons criticised and made allegations on Chandrababunaidu. Before elections they publicly satired on chandrababu that he will be hat trick opposition leader. Even they had big hope that Jagan will be the chief minister. Any body can’t stop sun shine with hand. Like that any bodycan’t  stopJagan  becoming chief minister. Now those were given key posts and transferred to places which they want.

   Some district collectors also involved and made recommendations in those transfers. No body can’t  sayhow many lacs of money turned from hand to hand in transfers and postings. Ministers, peoples representatives belongs to party in power also involved in this matter.

   There is serious criticism that those who closed to collectors and flattered them are got key posts. There is also one more   allegation in this episode CM made it without consulting CCLA, revenue department chief secretary and minister belonging that department. They said it is correct   to a person who holds CM post.

   Now one more question also arises. Is that all the official are honest and efficient those who got position. Is there no allegations on them? they questioned. Revenue officials who are TDP sympathisers  says when enquiry will be made all the facts will come out. There is fact that anyone can’t  oppose. Deputy Chief minister KE Krishnamurthy given key and important posts to the revenue officials who are sympathisers to TDPand gained their favour.

   On the other side.. ..even though Mr Chandrababunaidu ruling the state he recommended for transfers and postings those who opposed him and convassed that Jagan will become CM. Revenue  officials appreciated minister KE Krishnamurthy and angered  babu attitude. They says future will decide who is who is genuine and who is not. 

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