Is it possible to extend Ajay kallam service?

Why Babu wants Ajay kallam?

It is learned that AP CM Chandrababunaidu is thinking to appoint Ajay Kallam as chief secretary to AP government by extending his service to another six months. Now Mr.Kallam had his service only for one month. There is some criticism on babu. There are so many IAS officials who have efficiency, honestry and obedient to government. But Chandrababunaiduseems to keep them some distance and wants Ajay kallam. Ministers, TDP leaders and MPs also criticising Babu regarding this. Before elections Ajay kallam worked at congress CM Kirankumarreddy’s office. It is well known that  he is  loyal and staunch supporter  to YS family. It is well known  at that time YS Raja sekharreddy wanted to appoint kallam as Visakhapatnam port chairman.  At that time many tried for that post. But YS neglected all and Kallam worked for five years as Visakhapatnam port chairman.

Before 2014 general elections Ajay kallaam moved very closed to Saakshi media persons who belongs to Jagan. Even he said as off the record that Jagan will become CM. But  even after Chandrababunaidu became  chief minister then also Babu given importance to Ajay kallam. He made him as head of exise, commercial tax, registration departments. Afterwards he (Kallam) also made  head of finance department. So many wondered about Kallam’s appointment.

Ajay kallam commented in many occasions that Chandrababu never become CM. Now Kallam is very close to Babu. Why Babu  shows so much effection on Ajay kallam? Some wanted to know what is the relation in between them? At one occasion babudecided to appoint Ajay kallam as incharge. But when thakkar again joins in duty that proposal was backed. Even now babu wants Ajay kallam to appoint as Chief secretary.

Mr. Ajay kallam is having only one month service. Why babu is much effectionate onkallam?In which aspect  kallam is great than those having much more service? If Babu wants kallam his service should be extended  by central government. Centre should give permission to Ajay for extension of his service. If centre will not agree to extend  Ajay’s service... then what is Babu’s situation? He may be in embarrassed  position. Telangana government chief secretary Kathi’s  episode will be repeated. When prime ministerNarendraModi came to Hyderabad  Telangana Chief minister K. Chandrasekhararao asked to extend the service of the then Telangana CS Rajiv Sharma. Modiadvised KCR .. .. don’t go for anybody’s service extension business. There are many efficient IAS officers. You coordinate with them and get work from them. but KCR repeatedly asked modi about that matter. Then modiaccepted  even though he is not interested. Now same situation prevails in Andhrapradesh also. Even now the AP chief secretary Thakkar is working on extended service. If same situation happens in the case of Ajay kallam as it happened in the case of Katti ... Chandrababu will lost his prestige. Once againhe will have to face insult with alliance party BJP.For the sake of Ajay kallam will AP Chief ministerChandrababunaidu wants to face that situation?

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