Will Kallam gets CS post?

If not possible what Babu will do?

Andhrapradesh chief minister Chandrababunaidu feels that he gained some support inKapu caste. Though I don’t have full support of kapus .. .. majority voters supporting TDP. At this juncuture we have to make division in Reddy caste voters. But how to implement this plan. He also thinks if it is not possible to division in Reddy caste ... it is better to give high positions to some IAS officers. But some officials had a opinion that this plan useless and won’t workout. They says ...CM is always talking about efficiency and honesty. Now he wants to give positions on caste basis without considering efficiency and honesty. Even CMO officials also felt about this  turning.

Present CS Thakkar is going to retire at the end of February.  At this moment CM wants to appoint Ajay kallam as OSD to CS. Chandrababunaidu thinking that after Thakkar retirement all should feel that Kallam is our next CS.

As he is suffering with ill health Thakkar is doing his duty from Hyderabad. At Babu informed to Thakkar  ... to cooperate with him he is appointing Ajay as OSD. By listening this Thakkar stunned.Immediately he said that he will come to Velagapudito do his duty. After that appointing OSD is stopped. Many met Chandrababunaidu and asked you could give CS post to Ajay kallam who have only one month service? Then babusaid .. .. that he will try to extend his service to another six months.  Then voters belongs to his caste will giveup to oppose him and give support to him.

There is a problem in extending Kallam service. If same thing repeats as in the case of Telangana government chief secretary  how to face the problem? Already some BJP leaders met Venkaiahnaidu and alleged that Katthi was insulted. Dalit leaders criticising DOPT officials that they played double game in the case of Katthi. DOPT and PMO officials acted liberally towards Rajeev Sharma and show discrimination towards Katthi.

If Ajay will be given extension ... opposition leaders use this as a weapon to criticise government. As  Ajaykallam belongs forward caste he gets position and  as Katthi belongs to Dalit community he did not get service extension... bjp leaders explained to Venkaiahnaidu. If this centre considers this argument it is impossible to Kallam to get extension. If Kallam will not get extension  .. ..the voters of that community definitely feel that all this is a drama of Chandrababunaidu. Then what is the situation of Babu. TDP sources feeling that he un necessarily involving in problematic matters. 

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