Yanamala stopped DL? 


Yanamala stopped DL?

Ex congress leader D.L. Ravindrareddy now doesnt belong to any party. The enthusiastic discussion is going on in political circles. What is the political future of DL? What decision he could take. This is the hot topic of the day. Now some interesting matters are coming out. Until yesterday there is a rumour that he definitely join in TDP. All are that will happen. But the sudden situation changed. According to latest news DL will join into YSR congress party. Until last general elections, DL strongly criticised YS Jagan. of course when Rajasekharareddy alive then also DL opposed him.

At that time DL Ravindrareddy was called rebel in his own party. In 1989, 1994,2004 and 2009 elections he created a sensation by winning from Mydukuru constituency.  In 1994 elections congress was defeated, but DL created a sensation by winning that constituency. DL gained a name ... that one of the leaders who opposed YS in Ccuddapah district. Because of this, even DL won in the 2004 elections YS didnt give ministership to him. In those days  DL and Shankar Rao are strong opponents to YS. They daily criticising YS on one or other matter. 

YS had strong support from congress high command. So, even DL and Shankara Rao indulged in rebel activities the result was not favoured to them. in 2009 also DL won the elections. But YS not took him as the minister. 

After YS Rajasekharareddys death DL again came into limelight. DL worked in Kiran Kumar reddy cabinet. But Kiran also hesitates DL. So, DL was removed from the cabinet with a run proper way. This incident also created the sensation. DL strongly criticised YS Jagan and his paper Sakhi. DL  commentedSakshi with an abuse language. Sakshi couldnt be used even in toilets also. This comment made the very serious sensation in those days.

      All this is passed. What was happened is happened. Now there is a rumour DL wants to join the same party which he criticised in the past.  On the auspicious day of Sankranthi many the cutouts in DL constituency.  In that cutouts, Jagan and DL are seen together.  It is believed that DL favourites kept these cutouts. Talk in political circles in the district is that all arrangements were made for the joining of DL in YSR party.  

      Here is one doubt in TDP circles. Why DL is trying to join in the YSR party. Till yesterday all are hoped that DL will join in TDP at any time. Regarding this matter high-level canvassing also took place. Even TDP national chief secretary Lokesh also discussed with DL and welcomed him to join in TDP.  All the leaders thought today or tomorrow DL definitely join in TDP. They don't digest the latest turnip. They are guessing and alleged that there was Yanamalaramakrishnudus  hand in this turning. 

Now Putta Sudhakar is Mydukur constituency TDP in charge. It is believed that DL and Sudhakar opposing each other. Sudhakar seems to think that if DL can join in the party he (Sudhakar) won't get the party ticket in next elections to contest from that constituency. In this background, Sudhakar requested Yanamala not to take DL into the party. It is believed Yanamala also accepted that request. And more than thatSudhakar and Yanamala are distant relatives.Keeping this in view Yanamala involved in this matter and pressurised Chandrababu to keep DL aside. ... sources of TDP said. So DL selected his own way. TDP sources felt ... it is unfortunate to leave a strong leader in that district.

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