AP is No. 1 in corruption

Babu ignores the advice

Many dignitaries and VIPs in our country and in foreign praised him. Even foreign personalities also appreciated  him for his ability in administration. Regarding political power and experience, he is senior to many leaders. In the past when he was CM he acted very stubborn and got hold on administration. After losing power about ten years he was in opposition. At that time somehow his attitude changed.  Everybody knows he is Chandra babu Naidu. The change took place in his mind helped for some people’s representatives, ministers, MLAs and some prominent leaders of the ruling party. This change made a gift to them. And how it happened? In the past, all these leaders were afraid to involve in corruption. Now the scene  is reversed. Honesty persons are getting feared.  Some days ago countrywide discussions held from village level to district level on corruption. After that discussions, intelligence sources reported that – none of the other state in the country being involved such a big way in corruption than in Andhra Pradesh. 

A type of canvassing is going on that AP achieved number one position in corruption but not in development.  Leaders of Telugudesam party also agrees on this at off the record meetings. If Andhrapradesh is stamped as number 1 in corruption what will be the future? After the division of the united state just now AP is recouping.  Everyone fears that at this moment this corruption stamps spoils the whole thing.If this situation prevails the state will face loss in a big way.So many industrialists are coming forward with enthusiasm to invest in Amaravati.But by knowing the corruption is going on in a big way in the state -- they are wondering. They astonishing and passing comments-- -- now who rules the state whether Chandra babu Naidu or late YS Rajasekharareddy. There was a reason to these comments. After YS Rajasekharareddy became chief minister ---during his tenure of five years – not only in the AP state but none of the other state in the country is equal within corruption. Till yesterday YS bears that bad name. But recently – since these two and half years of corruption YS record smashed away. The soft attitude of Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandra babu Naidu degrades his prestige.

Some sources says the reason for babu’s soft attitude. Suppose babuthinks  For ten years we lossed power. many TDP leaders  lossed financially. To help them this soft nature is needed.  One young IAS officer informed to Chandra babu Naidu about the corruption which spread from village level to district level. It is believed that the IAS officer said to chandrababunaidu– ‘ we didn’t see this type of forage even in YS rule. If you don’t take harsh decision situation will go out of hands'. But Chandrababu is not responding and taking serious action.

There were stunning incidents regarding corruption. If government employees meets some people’s representatives for transfers – first they decide the rate for that post and after taking money they recommend. Besides some ruling party MLAs, there also in charge of constituencies, staff in ministers peshies also deeply involved in corruption.Ministers sons and relatives are behaving their own manner. Chandra babu Naidu knows each and everything what is going on. He has given two years time to ministers to prove their ability. There are rumours… In these two years, many of them earned the money sufficient to 20 years.  Those who are gained the name as honesty persons also making collections through their relatives.Media, intellectuals, analysts informed well wishers of banalists informed and advisingbabu about the high level corruption. But AP chief minister is ignoring all those. BJP Mla commented -- We doen’t know --- In the past which state is called most corrupted state in the country – but today Andhra Pradesh gained that name. It is very unfortunate .this shows how the situation is worse.

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