Why Manmohan so soft for Urjit?

Somany doesn’t know why Ex prime ministerManmohansingh saved reserve bank governor Urjitpatel. Yesterday  Mr Patel attended before Parliamentary Standing committee. Members of the committee not spared Patel by any means and very rashly criticised and questened him. Why has demonetisation decision taken? When has the decision taken? What are the reasons behind it? Who encouraged him to take that decision? Why don’t  RBI questioned government’s  decision? Without having sufficient money stock what is the necessity to take this un proper decision? –like that committee members continuously questioned Urjit. With that un interrupted questions Urjit went in ambique.

      During this moment committee members thought that  Ex prime minister Manmohansingh may blame Urjit. At RajyasabhaManmohansingh very strongly criticised Government’s decision of demonetisation. He said in anger voice --- this is unorganised lootee. So many opinioned that Manmohansingh acts in the same manner before the committee as he did in Rajyasabha and he may question RBI governor Urjit. But Manmohan keeps silent when the procedure is going. And also Ex pm showered some type of sympathy on Urjit and advised him not to answer some questions. Manmohansingh also has to put some questions. But he asked some simple questions which do not occur any risk to Urjit. By seeing all these drame committee members at once stunned. It is a wonder ---when committee members asking some questions,  Manmohansingh stopped them in the middle.

Committee members did not understand – why Manhohansingh behaved like this?  But some persons closed to him told to PTI ... to save RBI’s  prestige Manmohan did like that. They also said .. ..Manmohan had a  image of the best parliamentarian. If he himself ruins RBI’s prestige, the image of RBI will be damaged in foreign.

On the other hand ... as he was a  bank employee,,, Manmohansingh knows bank employees problems, that is why Urjit was unable to oppose Government’s decision. So Manmohanthought ..nothing will happen if he criticises Urjit. On humanitarian grounds, Manmohan acted with a soft corner towards Urjit. Any howManmohansingh’sattitude at parliamentary committee became hot topic in the country.

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