Manchu Lakshmi will enter into politics

TDP wants to give Chandragiri ticket

It is well known to say that actor Mohan babu’s daughter Manchu Lakshmi going to give entry into politics. Telugudesam party is thinking to restrict the force of firebrand Roja -- very suitable person is none other than Manchu Lakshmi. She had name and fame in movies and TV serials. She is very active in personal life also. AP Chief ministerChandrababunaidu hails from Chittoordirstrict. In that district,  politicallyRoja is very active. To face Roja there should be some suitable person. Another fire brand should be there. TDP thinks that fire brand is Manchu Lakshmi. With her entrance, the political scene must be changed. Till now it is believed no woman is there to competeRoja. Telugu Desam party sources saying .. .. If Manchu Lakshmi enters the scene that will be a check to Roja. So, the party is planning to give Chandragiri constituency ticket to Manchu Lakshmi in coming assembly elections.

Till now Manchu Lakshmi acted some firebrand roles on the screen. TDP is thinking she will continue the same manner in politics also. They also hoped that Manchu Lakshmi political speeches will turn the voters towards Telugudesam party. Even though Manchu Lakshmi is new to politics anyhow could succeed .. ..TDP sources said.

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