AP cabinet expansion on Ugadi?

What is the future of corrupted ministers?

It seems expansion of Andhra Pradesh cabinet will took place after Assembly session. With this news some ministers felt relief. There is a rumour prevails that about 5 ministers will lose their positions. But Chief ministerChandrababunaidu is delaying the cabinet expansion since some months. He had some reasons for this.

TDP sources talking at off the record meetings that Chinababu (Lokesh) will be given minister post and that is why the expansion process delaying. Chandrababu is not thinking of giving minister post to his son Lokesh.Babu wants Lokeshshould become stronger in the party. Some papers published stories – that first Lokesh will be given MLC and then minister post. Chinababu rejected those stories. So it is proved that cabinet expansion will take place only after assembly sessions. In the past Chandrababu said – he will give two years time to each and every minister to improve their performance. With the support of this assurance some ministers behaved as if they like and earned crores. Party sources made allegations on them.

Papers published the corruption stories on six ministers with proofs. But babu didn’t take any action on them. Even TDP cilrcles also blaming Chandrababu - did he given two years time for corruption. Two years are over. And additionally 8 months also passed. But cabinet expansion do not held. In the meanwhile ministers those who are afraid of that they will be sacked are became alert and earned crores.

Before giving minister post to any one Chandrababunaidu considered only caste and district. He kept aside honesty persons and corrupted persons became ministers. Because of them Babu earned bad remark. One honesty minister made aoff the record statement to media. He said that he warned chandrababu many times about the corruption of ministers. I didn’t see in the past this type of corruption. The corruption reached peak. If any action not being taken CM have to face dangerous situation. AtlostChandrababu knew the whole thing and given warning to one minister. But he didn’t sacked the corrupted ones. Instead of that he himself supporting his mistake.

In this situation party sources are expecting ... that there will be cabinet expansion after assembly session and it took place on Ugadi. If expansion took place it is sure that some ministers lost their positions.  Official sources are saying that only one or two will be sacked. At this juncture nobody knows what Chandrababu thinks.

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